31st January, 2012

This made me suddenly LOVE kristen bell. I think we might be soulmates.



THisis the best thing I have seen in a long time. 


Kristen Bell and I have the same excited/sad crying scale.
Holy shit, I love you Kristen.


27th January, 2012

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When I went home for Christmas this past December my dad and I tackled Pike Place Market like we always do every year. This time, however, was different.

I was SO overwhelmed with the crowds. Like dizzy, can’t see clearly, slightly panicked, get me out of here overwhelmed. At one point my dad and I became separated and I had a mini-meltdown over finding him. I’ve had this happen to me to varying degrees in Costco on busy Saturdays over the years, but this time I was convinced I was developing a devastating social anxiety disorder.

Well, flash forward a month later and I finally get glasses for long distance purposes and I realize the reason I ‘couldn’t see clearly’ when I was in a packed Pike Place was that I really couldn’t see clearly. Like, the people around me were blurry and in a crowd that’s a little exhausting. Now mind you, I’m fine without my glasses. However, it’s nice to know I can see street signs now and I can feel even more awkward when I can spot someone I know from an even further distance walking towards me.

Bottom line, I’m wasn’t losing my mind. I just needed glasses.

I was just informed that kittens officially beat out porn and shopping this past year on top things the internet is most used for. I’m so glad that my boyfriends cats helped me be a part of that statistic.

posted 2 years ago
This will be me after I get off work and can finally climb into a hot bath

This will be me after I get off work and can finally climb into a hot bath

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13th January, 2012

So, I made a great/terrible decision to watch “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, “Shame” and “We Need to Talk about Kevin” all within about 10 days of each other and biggest lesson learned was I will definitely balance out my dramas more effectively from now on.

Despite being depressed for a week now, each of these films was beautifully done. Truly phenomenal work from beginning to end. From the directing to the score, it was obvious the time was taken to really create pieces of fantastic film. I am now haunted by each of them in some way. So much time must have been taken to make each shot seem like a moving piece of art.

Bottom line. I was really impressed to see how multiple films have come out this year really demonstrating a love of making great movies. To acknowledge that the audience is smarter than excessive explosions and cliche dialogue. I recommend each of these but sandwiched between something uplifting.

3rd August, 2011

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I love horror movies.

Love them. Eat them up like candy.

This fact may be interesting to some, simply because I tend to be described as a somewhat neurotic person and the fact that I love a good scare seems a bit contradictory to this. However, I once read that anxious people gravitate towards scary films because they serve as a catharsis to whatever real fear the anxious person experiences on a daily basis….

Anywayss, having said that, its rare to find a GOOD horror film. “The Shining”, and “The Exorcist” broke the barrier for being truly terrifying AND exceptional pieces of cinema, but really what we see more often now, is cheap, gory, teen slasher hits that really should make an audience feel insulted when walking out. That is why I want to talk about “House of the Devil”. By no means an exceptional film, but one that was such a pleasant surprise and I just needed an excuse to talk about it.

The story itself is relatively simple. College girl has a horrible roommate, wants to move into her own apartment. Unfortunately she doesn’t have enough money to make the first rent check and is wigging out. Lucky for her, someone has littered her college campus with babysitting flyers with no information about the employers just a number. Right from the get go, you know somethings up with these people, and her best friend (the fabulous Greta Gerwig) is feeling the creep vibe too. Oh, also there’s a rare eclipse that’s also happening that night. Thats enough to wet your palate i think without giving anything away.

Director Ti West set out to make a film that paid tribute to its horror movie predecessors of the 70s and 80s, and accomplished the task to a T. For anyone who didn’t know this going in, it would be easy to assume it was shot decades ago. 16mm film was used to give it an authentically retro vibe and everything from the hair, to the music, to the shooting style and angles really hit every nail on the head. Bottom line, the attention to detail is really what makes this movie incredible. I wish more directors cared enough about their films to put in this much effort to make them seem genuine. Also, there is very little gore. All the scare that is built into the film is through the gradual accumulation of tension that you know will explode by the films last 15 minutes.

Watch it. Its on Netflix instant watch and its actually a good one.

20th July, 2011


Instructional Video of the Day: You are going to learn how to flirt like a crazy person.


I like her outfit changes

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15th July, 2011

Words cannot express how much I love this video

13th July, 2011


Best thing of the day: Rolling Stone’s “rock stars who look like wizards” post  (h/t Sophie

There are so many reasons why I love this


Best thing of the day: Rolling Stone’s “rock stars who look like wizards” post  (h/t Sophie

There are so many reasons why I love this

8th July, 2011

Draw me like one of your French girls…

Draw me like one of your French girls…


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